The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, February 4, 2011

The Cake Devistation

This is the model of the cake Joe had requested from Aunti Stina for his birthday. Each year, the special event is the deciding on theme and structure of the cake...and seeing what she does! She's amazing with cakes and Joe was SUPER excited for this one!
I wish I had a picture of how far she had gotten. It had everything except the Batman (which Joe had requested to have on top instead of leaning on the top tower). She got to town at 10pm on Wednesday night and started baking. I woke up at 2am with my house smelling like cake. Not sure what time she went to bed. Since she's been here, time at our house has been spent on making the cake. It was so close to done.

Today, Joe is at school and Christina and her family are at Disneyland. I was getting some things ready for the party tomorrow and had set up Matthew on the computer with preschool games. Eventually, I came into the kitchen to get Matthew a snack. When I opened the fridge... GASP. This is what I saw:
What do you DO??? Oh man. My mother in law was on the phone with me and she just began asking me not to kill him! ha ha ha I asked Matthew if he had done it. He said yes, and I sent him to his room. My stomach turned, I felt sick. All her work. All her time on vacation. *sigh* 

Matthew is still in his room. We had a talk about, "How are we supposed to have a birthday party if there is no cake?" He said he feels bad, but I left him in his room to think on it. The real reason is because I just don't know what else to do and I don't want to bring him down here and keep bringing it up... since I'm still in shock.

So, the cake Demolisher is in his room while the Mama takes some deep breaths. I hope Aunti Stina can work some magic and I hope Joe learns a great lesson in forgiveness. ;) ... wow. A family memory has just been made.



  1. Uh oh. . . What did you end up doing with Matthew??? And what did Christina say???

  2. Matthew spent enough time in his room for me to breath and "get over it." Christina was gone all day at Disneyland, but when she got home she covered her mouth and laughed! lol She brought Matthew in and asked him, "What were you thinking?.... Yummy?" lol She has now FIXED IT!!!! WooHoo!

  3. HA HA HA.... This is still funny to me, I'm so thankful I had time to "fix" it... and now, after looking at the inspiration pic again, I see that my black could have been more black (wish I would have brought chocolate fondant to start with).

    This is just *great*, because for the rest of his life, I get to remind him not to attack the cake... when he's 17, 25, 37... ha ha... He was so cute about it & I'm glad Joe didn't get mad at him.