The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fireman Blues Diverted

Matthew has recently experienced one of his first material possession heartaches. On the right is his favorite pair of "Fireman Shoes." These shoes have been with him for a very long time, and have consistently been the favorite. They light, they have fire on the toes, they are just INCREDIBLE to a 3 year old boy! The only problem is, they are size 9 and he is a size 10. He had a battle of which pain hurt the worst... the pain of shoving his foot into those shoes, or the heartache of letting them go.

One day, the boys and I went to Nordstroms to pass some time. We did not intend to buy anything, but we were looking around. We ended up in the kid's shoes section, because I wanted to get their feet sized. Low and behold... FIREMAN SHOES! On the left, you see the shoes that caught my eye and soon after caught Matthew's heart! Talk about FIRE on the toes, they LIGHT UP!

The problem was, those shoes were $50, and this mama would not spend that on a 3yr olds pair of tennis shoes that he might grow out of at any given moment OVER NIGHT. *tears from both of us*

To my shock, aww, and delight... I found them on a website for $29.99. Now, that would still typically be WAY too much for me to spend on shoes that he could grow out of over night... BUT, I had to get those little feet out of those size 9 shoes and I just couldn't bare breaking his tender heart. Matthew is not a child that "wants" for much. He doesn't pick up anything at the grocery store, he didn't beg me for the shoes even... He did have a sad face, but he understood that we could not buy them when we were at Nordstroms.

My son is a shoe guy now. Ha ha ha. I've started a problem that one day I'll probably talk to his wife about, but I've decided I can handle that. I don't know who's face lit up more when Matthew got to open that box. It was my delight to give him this gift, and this is our official farewell the Fireman shoes he's loved!

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