The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Homeless Joe...

Occasionally, my boys come along on jobs with me; as my assistants. This past Sunday, I opened up a spot for a client and let them know I'd have a "junior assistant" with me! Most of my clients have kids, and enjoy meeting my dudes.

While Joe and I were waiting for my client to arrive, there were a few homeless men (which, we made as an assumption, but if they aren't homeless... well, I'd be surprised). One of which looked a bit tweeky and lead me to feel a bit protective of Joe. The other two were working on a bike. They were having a hard time holding the handle bars up while they worked on it.

Joe, walked up to them and said, "Hey, can I hold the bars for you so you can do that?" At first, the one doing more of the working looked at Joe and said "No thank you man." The other one said, "Hey, the kid wants to be a helper, be nice!" ha ha ha The first man smiled at Joe and told him he was sorry, that there were just a few sharp things and he didn't want him to get hurt.

I stood back a bit and let my big guy do his big heart thing. The first man asked Joe his name... They all shook hands and introduced themselves. The first man asked Joe, "Have you ever gotten any grease on your hands?" At this point, I had to interject, "He has now!" ha ha We all had a good laugh, and it let the guys know I was friendly too.

Joe held the handlebars, shook hands again, received a "Very lucky quarter" from "Jason" (the "second guy.")... received instructions to "STAY IN SCHOOL!" and walked away with a smile. That's my boy. It's his heart. "See a need, fill a need." (watch Robots if you don't know that reference!)

As we walked away. Joe saw Jason ride away on his bike with a cup of water from the Starbucks. He said, "Mama, look, he's NOT homeless, he has Starbucks!" ha ha I let him know Starbucks gives water for free.

Joe, as he always does, thought about the situation. He had his thinking face on and then said, "Hey Mama...."  Yes Buddy?.... "I think it would be kind of fun to be homeless." *my typical deep sigh* lol I have to hear his whole thought before I respond, because sometimes his "twist on things" is pretty amazing. This time, he just thought it was cool that these guys had free time to hang out and ride bikes. :)

I asked him... Do you know that you will have dinner tonight?.... "yes." Where do you think they will get dinner tonight?... "I don't know." Do you know you will have a warm bed tonight?  "yes.... But, I could sleep in a window with some cardboard!!" :)

As the shoot went on, I was photographing a little girl sitting in a window... when Joe took it upon himself to climb up into the window next to her and see how it would feel to sleep there. ;)

Joe and I definitely have our battles. We struggle to see eye to eye sometimes, and I struggle to calm down and see some things in love and not just a demand for respect etc. I'm an "old school mom" with a new school kid and we're a work in progress together. As I fail and I succeed, my heart is greatly blessed that HIS heart is full of love for mankind. He could not see you struggle and walk by. He cried the other night because I didn't have any coins or dollars to give to the bell ringer for Salvation Army. 

Joe Jackson... I thank God for you, and I thank God he made you Ours. We wont always get it right, but you hold that love and kindness deep in your heart always and ask God to help you through the rest. ;) <3  <3 Mama.

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