The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Playing with Great Grandpa Don!

The boys and I have had great visits with their Great Grandparents "Grandpa Don and Cubby GG." Grandma got her name because she has a dog named Cubby and she is "Great Grandma= GG." It started when Joe was little and just never went away.

Our first visit to their house in the Sonoma mountains, we noticed the cat was sneaking up on some prey... We walked within a couple of feet of the cat and it's prey, but they were tucked under a bush so we didn't see what was going on. I let Joe go outside with Cubby GG one more time, when they realized it was a RATTLESNAKE in the bushes!!! My grandpa got a shovel, but it hit in the middle of the body instead of the head. So, my mom held that shovel while grandpa got another one to cut off the snake's head. The whole time, the boys and I were standing back watching as the snake tried to strike at them and the rattles were going crazy! Finally, it was dead... I could breath again!  Later in the week, Cubby GG brought Joe the 9 rattles that were at the end of the tail!

The next day we were going to visit Cubby GG and Grandpa Don, Joe saw a King Snake at OUR house before we left. Ugh! What's with us and snakes? At first, I panicked...but then I realized that one couldn't hurt him beyond a bite. I warned him, "You can follow him, but he can bite you... it wont kill you like the Rattlesnake...but it'll hurt if you get bit."... I walked away and let him follow the snake around the yard! He came in and said, "It is AWESOME that I found a snake on the day we're going to see Grandpa Don, I can tell him I'm a snake hunter!" He was so thrilled!

It makes my heart smile to see my boys enjoying time with their great grandparents! 

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