The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas 2013

Here are some fun photos from our Christmas Morning! (I'm trying to be nice by not showing the adults! lol)

Matthew's intensity cracked me up:

 Joe is VERY into art right now... I got the idea to get him this model, so he'd have something new to draw. I was HOPING he'd love it... I think he does. :) Look at this dimples!

We had to do some "Back to back" opening... because sometimes boys just need to get the same things given to them! :) They got to open, but they couldn't say anything about what it was until both of them had it opened!

Just as I knew Joe would love the model... when I saw this puppy "Jingle" and the book that you read to have him react to your words... I KNEW Matthew would love it. I had actually already bought all of the gifts, but I saw this and it just had to be Matthew's. I LOVED seeing him snuggle with it (all day long!).

 More back to back... RC TRUCKS!!! I was so excited to give these to them... but Joe's got broken on Christmas day and Matthew's only held the charge for about 15 minutes (after being plugged in for 8 hours)... I couldn't blame them for being bummed... I WAS! lol
 Nana bought them awesome socks... not quite sure what Joe's face is saying here! lol
 Matthew got a "Mouse in a box." It has a little blanket and pillow, and a book to read as well. Absolutely something that is right up his alley.
 This is what our livingroom looked like after round one. The boys had opened presents from Aaron and I am my in-laws... the Hardin cousins and Grandparents were still yet to come!!
 Joe loves to draw with his Papa... and I loved seeing them use the new model. :)
 Intense much? ha ha
 Oh how I love to see this face so happy. <3
 My mom took each boy to the mall for a date to buy presents for our family. Matthew has a "thing" for Nutcrackers this year... hence Dada and Joe both receiving one as their gift from Matthew (I got sparkly slippers with fur inside)
 Matthew had REALLY wanted this pillow. I had taken the boys to the mall a couple of times and they both LOVED it, but I did not buy it for them.  Joe, on his date with Grandma, bought it for Matthew. I think he likes it! lol

 Uncle JJ drove over from Lincoln... Joe, instantly, had to show him the Christmas.... mess. lol

 Matthew, and Jingle, reading to Jacki.
 All the little munchkins ready to tear into some gifts!
 YAY..... That was FUN! :)

 Aaron's favorite new gift.... thanks Steve and Christina.

 Lilli loves Nawhals.... I used amazon to help me find a fun present for her. :)
 We love having Cubby GG and Grandpa Don at all of our family fun! :)

Merry Christmas to you all!!

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