The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
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Friday, July 29, 2011

Cardiologists, Treadmills & Ultrasound...Update.

There are so many people who have been praying with me for all of the tests and Cardiology appointments I've been doing. I thought the blog would be a great way to "update" everyone, beyond what the Facebook Status updates would let me do!

Yesterday was a day that I had been looking forward to since my time in the ER. I had a treadmill stress test done, the type where they hook up an EKG machine and make me look like a person who is getting transformed into a super hero while I climb the incline and the treadmill gets faster and faster! lol I looked forward to this test because I wanted to be able to work out hard and NOT have an episode. I wanted to be told I could push my body with out fear of an episode. Well, I did the test, I didn't turn into a super hero...but I also didn't have an episode! The Dr. told me that the test went perfectly...which is what I had prayed for, before going in.

Then, I moved on to a heart ultrasound. I laid on my side in a dim room with a fan noise in the background and just about fell asleep as she studied my heart. I watched for a few minutes, but I really didn't understand what I was seeing or what she was studying. I was told I would get a call from the Dr in a week to give me the results.

I went home, believing for great things and a comfort in my heart that I can exercise with out fear.

Today, I got the call. The Dr. She started out great, "Your treadmill stress test went very well, and your ultrasound all looks normal." Then, the conversation took a turn for the annoying and discouraging. I had brought a form with me to clear me for physical activity. My health coach asked that it be signed, so he could know what he can ask me to do physically. She said, "Nicole, I can't sign that form you gave me." She went on to explain that just because I didn't have an episode on the treadmill, it does not mean that I wouldn't have one the next time, and that it is just a matter of time before another episode occurs. She is urging me to go to an Electrophysiology Cardiologist... aka: Electrical system of the heart specialist. 


She told me she does not want me to do more than walking with my kids and playing with my kids... No regimented exercise routine, etc. ***WHAT???*** That is exactly the opposite of what I wanted to hear and feel confidence in when I left that appointment. Now, our bills have gotten to about $3500 between the ER and the Cardiologist with her tests... and she wants me to go to a specialist. (I had JUST changed our insurance to a high deductible because we were never in the Dr! Of Course!)

I'm stuck in a tough spot. I was prayed for and have been believing for my healing on my heart. The tests all came back normal, but the cardiologist thinks, "It's a matter of time before you have another episode."  So, the struggle in my heart (no pun intended) is that I want to just LIVE my life normally and know that my God has His hand on my heart and I am fine.... But, then the voice of the cardiologist, "Nothing beyond walking and playing with your kids, and be ready because they can happen any time." She said she didn't want to cause me undo fear, but she felt she owed it to me to urge me to go to the specialist because you just never know where you will be when the next episode happens (didn't want to cause me undo fear??? lol... BUT, on a side note...even if I were driving in Timbuktu and it happened, I can pull the car over and call 911 from just about anywhere... AND, I was still able to walk, talk, think while my heart was going was just uncomfortable!)

*sigh again*

I'm going to end this now... but, I just know there are so many people who have wanted an update. Thank you for praying for "PERFECT" results with me... we got what we prayed for, all the results were fine... Now, I just have to believe that it is NOT a coincidence as the Cardiologist seems to think, but a touch from God and all will be well.  I will live my life as normal, and I'll believe for no more episodes, and if things doing go that way... God will still be with me there too. :) That's where I have to find my peace. Whether I'm healed or not, He's still God and He'll still be with me (and our bank account) no matter what happens! He's good... and I'm good with that. :)


  1. Ok, i just have to say that doctors have to say that stuff for legal reasons. If she signed.that paper and then something did happen, she just signed away the rest of her career. Doctors constantly have to cover their butts from lawsuits. Its very annoying from the patients end of things, and it hinders proper diagnosis sometimes, but if you know the reasons behind stuff like this it makes it a bit less scary. I have been dealing with a very similar situation with some medical issues right now, so i feel your pain and frustration- i am angry for you girl! Lol. But know it's not what you think- the doctor just doesnt want to get sued.

  2. Nicole-I know it is expensive, but I will also urge you to see that specialist. Your heart is not something to mess around with, especially when you have small children. It sounds like this was a good doctor and she has your best interests at heart (no pun intended).

    I do believe that God will keep you in his care, but He also trusts us to follow Him. He might be talking to you through this doctor. He might be guiding you to seek care. He might have given you this episode so you will seek care and get help now before it happens in a different, more dangerous situation next time. My dad had warning signs of a heart attack for a year before he actually had a heart attack. Luckily, he is alright (after driving all the way from Temecula to Riverside while having the heart attack-talk about God's protection!), but forever more now he will be on heart meds and will be a cardiac patient. If he had sought care for his heart earlier, when he had the warning signs, he might have been able to avoid the heart attack and his life would be drastically different today.

    I know it is annoying to he hear a doctor say they recommend that you only walk and play with your boys, and they want you to see a specialist. BUT, I would rather have that than to not be here at all.

  3. Yeah, i agree. If for no other reason, you should see a specialist in order to get the OK to exercise and to put your fears to rest. God can speak through doctors too, and knowledge is power. Just hearing from a specialist that all is well and you can exercise might be enough of a stress relief to actually make you well. Not knowing causes unnecessary worry, which is so hard on your whole body. There is no price you can put on your health- and you deserve to know all the facts. Prayers for you friend :)

  4. Go see the specialist. God has you in this for a reason. I think its for a divine appointment He's orchestrating to further His Kingdom and He needs you to be there for it! I love you!!!!!