The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Saturday, January 11, 2014

What is that STENCH???

I spent the day today, loathing being inside my own home because it STUNK so BAD! Now, my house is not a super clean masterpiece... it has it's piles and even some dirty dishes or laundry... but never left long enough or dirty enough for the kind of stench that was pouring into my nostrils every time I entered the door!

While we were home today, I was working past a migraine and trying to figure out the origin of the rank smell. I cleaned the gecko's cake, checked for hidden dirty clothes from my boys, did some cleaning... even checked the water in the Christmas Tree (Yes, it's 1/11 and the tree is not down yet... I already told you it isn't a masterpiece around here! lol). Nothing. WHAT ON EARTH!

As I was putting the boys to bed tonight, I remembered one spot that I have found hidden dirty clothes before. When I moved the container that was blocking that spot, I gasped. THIS is what I found:

It was on it's side, tucked under some dirty clothes. *sigh* I called for Joe, because it was his dirty laundry on top. Matthew spoke up, "Mama, I did it." WHAT? He proceeded to tell me, "I accidentally put a hole in the top of the milk with my nail and I thought I would be in trouble so I hid it." WHAT? Ugh... You can see the little tiny hole I circled at the top. Luckily, the hole was on the UP side of the milk as it sat on my carpet!

The milk had been in their room for about a WEEK! Yeah, a week. Joe has been into pouring cereal for them and even a glass of milk here or there for Matthew. So, I figured the missing milk container was from that. 

*Sigh again*

This week old milk stunk SO BADLY and enough that the WHOLE HOUSE reaked. 

Just one more adventure on my list with these boys. Goodness Gracious... On to the next fun!...

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