The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Great Fuzzer Rescue!!

Last night was a night that solidified Aaron's place as a country man. You see, we've lived in the country now for about 3 years and he's worked on the country home, he's done some country landscaping, he's even thrown the ball with the boys in the tall grass of the fields. All of that being said, he hadn't quite earned his country badge. Not until last night.

Last night, I "closed shop" (stopped editing photos) about 12:30. I thought Aaron would be getting in bed soon after me, but I drifted off to sleep before he made it. What I didn't know was, about 1:00, Aaron heard what sounded like a little girl screaming in our back yard. He ran for his flashlight and took off out back. When he got out there, he looked into our chicken coop to see our poor Fuzzer (the bunny, who has been LOVING being in the big chicken coop),being shaken back and forth in the mouth of a fox.

It was not a girl screaming... it was our beloved bunny. Oh No!

Aaron sprung into action! He ran into the chicken coop, grabbed the aluminum lid off of a feed container and started hitting the flashlight on the lid and running towards the fox. (of course, as his wife who is hearing this story, I see him in gladiator clothes with a great tan and veins popping out of his muscles! lol)... The fox dropped Fuzzer, so Aaron took a big empty feed container and put it over him as he went to handle that fox.

The fox will now lovingly be known as "That Dumb Fox."

That Dumb Fox ran into the little house area of the chicken coop... grrrr. He found the tire that Fuzzer typically likes to sleep in and he wedged himself inside that thing tight. After some effort, Aaron finally got the thing out of the tire... for That Dumb Fox to go into the big area and forget how he had gotten himself in. He was jumping all over trying to get out.

Aaron, armed only with a flashlight and feed lid, had That Dumb Fox try to attack him a few times in it's fear. If you've ever been around a fox, those wirey little suckers are FAST.  Trying to keep the flashlight on him, and get him OUT was no small task!  Aaron had propped open the coop door and finally That Dumb Fox backed his way out the door as Aaron was walking towards him... and he ran away.

Our poor Fuzzer will live to see another day. He was shaken (literally), but not killed. We found the hole where That Dumb Fox got in (and many dig marks where he tried)... but we did not find a hole in Fuzzer! Thank God!  This morning, when the boys woke up and heard the story, I think they saw their Dad with the same gladiator suit and popping muscle veins as I did!
The first day we got Fuzzer... He and Joe were both small!

I love this photo... Fuzzer didn't even know he'd rescue him someday!

He doesn't want to hear what the fox says!

The end. ;)

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