The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Joe's Birthday Card For Me...

While deep in a dream early this morning, I felt a poking at my side. Then a little voice, "Mama, Mama, Mama." I opened my eyes to find Joe at 6:01am. "Hey Mama, I have an early birthday present for you, but you'll need a light to see it." I picked up my cell phone and shined the light to see a card he had made me... SO cute! 
The Front... with a "..." in place of the "Y" in Birthday.

There's that "Y!" <3 (Not really sure what the rest is, but there's something about a Mansion and Gravity Falls...which is a show he's into right now)

The Inside.
The inside says, "Happy Birth Day. from Joe to Mama. I wish you a happy birth day from north and south Amarica from all the world and my <3." 

HOW CUTE IS THAT!?!?! :) It's Thankgiving time, so he's been learning more about how America was formed etc etc... He brought his learning all the way into my card. I LOVE it!

A little while later, when I was actually up, he said, "I probably should have waited to give that to you until tomorrow." I said, "That's ok, I have a hard time holding on to gifts when I have them too... I just want to give them to the person." He says, "Well, your birthday IS tomorrow anyway." lol He's my boys!

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  1. ADORABLE!! Love the wording, so cute! Happy Early Birthday as well <3