The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What Joe Broke the Bank for...

Yesterday, Joe came with me to run some errands. One of the things we had to do was a return to ToysRUs. After my return was done, I walked around with him to just check things out. We walked past this:
He went absolutely CRAZY for it! As a family, we have purchased seasons 1-3 of The Muppets and we've watched 30 minutes episodes together at night. Joe wanted this SO BADLY, but it was $69.95. I told him it was just too much money, but maybe we could save for it. He said, "But Mama, I already have $160 in my bank, please let me get it and take it out of my bank." I said, "That is a lot of money to spend from your bank account buddy!" He said, "Well, after all Mama, money IS for spending." I said, "and saving." He says, "Not THIS time Mama!" ha ha ha So, he picked up his package with full confidence that it was the right decision.  He walked up to the counter and told the lady, "This is for me and my Dada because he watches Muppets with me every night and this will be even more special time!"... How could I disagree with THAT? :)

This morning, he woke up early (We had Awana last night, so he couldn't play with it)... He got dressed and made sure he had time before school to play with his new best toy! He gets to create his own Muppet using all these parts:
He got his man all ready and RAN into show Dada (who was still asleep!).... Good times! Now, he's just needing to save up some more money so he can buy the poor guy some clothes! Of course, those come separately! lol

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