The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Vallejo to San Francisco via The Ferry!

I thought we'd be painting in the house... Dada's idea of a ferry ride to SF is a MUCH better idea! We had a great time. The boys had never been on a ferry, nor seen the "silver men" in San Francisco! Joe wanted to give money to every performer we came across, so we're going to have him stop by HIS bank before we go next time! It was a great day and I'm glad Dada pushed for some family fun!

(They were squating to admire this odd little bee we found.)

 (Introducing: "Odd Little Bee." We have never seen one with the "fuzz stuff" on his legs)

Introducing... "pretty flower" that Mama stopped to admire. :)

They are ALMOST too big for Dada to do "1-2-3!" This was sheer comedy!

Introducing: "Cool Ship" that Dada was admiring!

This is the picture that wins the award for "Most Pitiful." We were on the ferry, and I figured Matthew was getting a bit sea sick... turns out, later that night he ended up with a 104 temp and barfed all over me and our kitchen. Poor guy was sick and we didn't know. I just love this pitiful picture.

Look at THAT smile! :) He LOVED the ferry.

I just loved seeing my boys enjoy the day so much.


The first of MANY performers Joe wanted to give money to!

Joe gave this guy money, and he asked him to dance. The guy looked at Aaron and rubbed his fingers together for more money if we wanted him to dance for Joe.... Ummm, not nice silver dude, not nice! BUT, as you can see from Joe's face, he was a happy little guy. I love that.

We finished the night with The Rainforest Cafe (where Rick and Kristal came to join us!)... and a ferry ride back... it was a great day! Thanks Dada.

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