The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, October 3, 2011

Becoming Open... in Full Color.

Recently, Matthew and I have been picking a "Favorite Flower" on the way to drop Joe off at school. As we walk, we stop and take a picture of our daily pick.  A couple of days ago, the Lord used the morning flowers to impress something on my heart...

I saw a closed flower early in the morning. It hadn't yet opened itself up to the sun. It hadn't yet reacted to the warmth of the light.  Sitting next to it was a flower that was fully open and exposed to the light. It was so beautiful, so colorful, and smelled so good. (I didn't snap a pic, these sunflowers are just as an example.)

This is the moment where my heart was touched. How many times have I been slow in reacting to the Son in my life? How many times have I tried to maintain my control and didn't live in complete surrender to His affects on my life?  How many times was the fragrance of the Lord that should flow from my life quenched by being closed off to Him?
I am praying today that the Lord will show me the areas of my life where I am not in full surrender to Him, the areas where I haven't reacted to Him as I should, and the areas where all the colors He's creating inside me to bless others aren't being shown.  I want to leave a fragrance of the fruits of the Spirit flowing in my life.

I don't know that I'll look at morning flowers the same again.

(Note:I didn't take the picture...I got them from the Internet,, so I could get my thoughts done on my blog!)

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