The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Funny Things They've Said Lately!

 The boys have been cracking me up lately. Unfortunately, my memory stinks and our life is a touch crazy at the, I forget so much. I wanted to take a second to post some funny things they've said!
Matthew always skips 16 when counting to 20. Today I asked him why. He Said, "I separated it in my mind because it's in time out."  Ha Ha Ha That truly cracked me up!

Walking Joe to school, the crosswalk attendant tells me to have a great day, she tells the lady behind me to have a lovely day. Joe said,"Mama, why did she like the lady behind us more?" (he thought a lovely day was better than a great one!) lol

Me,"Dada is better at fixing computers." Joe,"That's because Dada is an artist and you are a panicker." WHAT? lol (I asked him what Panick means and he actually knew! BUT, when he gave examples of my behavior that made him say that... they did NOT always fit!) :)

Matthew couldn't see me today as he walked by and said, "He's a crazy freak." I didn't have to correct him, and I just thought it was cute... when they try out new words. "Freak" is not something "we say" around here. lol (He had seen his dad roll a big tire and act like he lost control of it. It wasn't a disrespectful "Crazy Freak" but like a "crazy cool")

I had to add this picture of Matthew. I took it randomly when he was looking at me and it is totally a "Smolder" (reference "Tangled" movie).

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