The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Monday, February 3, 2014

I'm NOT the worst Mom!!

I haven't shared before about a club I'm in. I wont share who the other members are (Cynthia and Christina know)... It's the "Worst Mom Ever" club. I recently invited another member, who has a sweet little baby girl. :)

Anyway... as moms, things don't always go according to our awesome plans. SOMETIMES things go according to our crazy kid's plans... and "The Worst" can happen! lol  When that happens, either because of our own.... um, well, "mistakes"...or things our kids concoct, and things just go completely wrong for one reason or another... we call each other. The conversation starts with out a "hello"... it just goes directly into, "I'm the worst mom ever because....." We share our stories and have a good laugh.

Occasionally the feeling of being "The Worst Mom Ever" is a bit too real and we actually have to encourage each other about how awesome we really are... but, most of the time, it's just a comic relief for the chaos of a mom with young children! (Which I'm sure will continue as they keep growing!)

Today though.... today, I am NOT the worst mom ever!! Today, I rocked! :) You see, it's the 100th day of school and Matthew has had his project ready for over a week. He created one of those rubber band bracelets, but did it with 100 rubber bands and made it a necklace. He's been wearing it and ready for the 100th day. This morning, on the way to school, he says, "Mama, when IS the 100th day?" I said, "Today!!!!, are you wearing your necklace?"..... No, no he wasn't. The first day in over a week that the kid was NOT wearing his necklace. REALLY?  He took it like a champ, didn't cry, didn't throw a fit, just tilted his head back and leaned it on his chair in disbelief and disappointment.

I did not promise to fix it. Typically, I'm a tough love kind of mom... if it's their responsibility and they flub it up... they have to live with the outcome. He knows that about me, and to my surprise, he didn't even ask for me to bring it back to the school! (We live 10 minutes from school)

On my way home, I was thinking... about how sweet he is, about how ready he was for that day, and about how much time he put in to making a necklace with 100 rubber bands with those tiny hands of his... So, I decided I was going to get it and bring it back to him. (Of course, I have a HUGE project I'm working on and it's due to the client tonight)...

I get home. I can't FIND THE DARN THING!!! Grrrr. I'm looking, I'm praying, I'm looking again. No go. BUT, I found his bag of rubber bands. Yup, this Mama who has a huge project due.... MADE A NEW 100 Rubber Band necklace for her boy!
I drove to the school, interrupted his class to "Borrow Him for a Second" and showed him the new necklace. I showed him how he can count by 5's using the green bands. He said, "But Mama, I was supposed to count to the 100, not you." lol I said, "Well, you did, but I couldn't find YOURS!" He smiled and said, "It was in Chewbaca's head. LOL... Grrr, why didn't I look THERE??

He gave me a big hug (just about knocked me on the ground) and he proudly walked back into his classroom and right up to his teacher to turn in his project!

Today... no matter what else happens... I AM NOT the worst mom ever!! (I know, I know, I don't need e-mails encouraging me... I'm never ACTUALLY the worst mom ever!... well, "never" might be a little strong. LOLOL)

Now... hi-ho, hi-ho, it's back to work I go!!


  1. Hilarious and I love it! I recently drove Jacki & Charlie's items in for sharing. They had been set-out for a couple of days, but the morning of, they walked right passed them and I didn't notice. It feels really good to help them out at those special times. :)

  2. That is a great necklace Matthew..good recollection of what your day was like Nicole. :-)