The faces behind the stories!

The faces behind the stories!
My little Loves.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Boys and being cool...

Ok, so this one isn't for parents to read to their small children! There are "Words," as we say in our house! BUT, I just have to type this out and have in my memory books!

Last Friday, we had Charlie over to spend the night. While our house finishes up getting ready for us to move in, we're staying in the RV together. Aaron was out of town for work, I was in the bedroom section of the RV and all three of the boys stayed in the living room area. They were actually VERY good at going to sleep at night, but it was the morning that turned into the "fun" we had! I was laying in my bed, able to hear everything they were saying. I decided to pretend to still be sleeping to see what they would do.

The "Words" began with "Shut Up." One boy said it, then the other, then the other... Each in their own way, but equally trying to be cool! A part of me wanted to stop them, but I held back my control freak side and just let them think I was sleeping and got a little chuckle out of it.

Then, the "Words" went a little further... "Shut Up" had run it's course, and something else needed to take it up a notch! All of the sudden, I hear Charlie's sweet little voice say proudly and loudly, "What the HELL!" My boys did a quick gasp and then chuckled and said, "What the heck." lol On that note, I had to jump in and put a stop to their mouths before someone took it up another notch!

I will never forget that tiny voice being so proud of his "Big Words." lol He's lucky I was in a good mood or he just might have gotten a good taste of Aunti Cole's soap! ;)

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